Chatham Junction Studio

Chatham Junction Studio serves as the curator for the original art created by Jameson Currier.

About the Artist

Jameson Currier is the author of seven novels, five collections of short fiction, and a memoir. A self-taught artist, illustrator, and graphic designer, Mr. Currier’s design work is tagged as “Peachboy” and his original art is signed “Jimmy.” His most recent books are his illustrated tales, Paul’s Cat and The Candlelight Ghost. In 2010, he established Chelsea Station Editions, an independent press which serves as the home for his writings which now span a career of more than five decades, and in 2020, he established Chatham Junction Studio, which serves as the curator for his expanding body of original art. He currently divides his time between a studio apartment in New York City and a farmless farmhouse in the Hudson Valley.

To listen to Jameson Currier’s conversation with Achim Nowak about his progression from writing to painting, click the link below. 

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